The twins I did not know of… Part 2

By Kenneth Juror | Kenya      

      I love Nicole with my all and as we left the hospital we went straight to our new home which was not yet over but she was head over heels on the new roof. I hastened on its construction and within a month we had moved in. We moved in earlier than anticipated so that she could get away from the eyes and mouths of many of our previous neighborhood.

Conversations in the local bar and restaurant were filled with Nicole and I. Our neighbours frowned and even smiled awkwardly at her which made her withdraw from them further.

Our new home was near basic amenities as our son walked to school thus reduced our expenses on school transport. Due to lack of a better word the best bet for a house.

Family challenges…

                  My mother-in-law came visiting to check up on her daughter, my wife, and her grandson. I indeed wanted to have another child before then we had a tête-à-tête session with my wife who was against me getting married to someone else but rather to adopt a child. It was a great idea though.

My mum in-law read my mind as her agenda was very simple “I want more grand children”

As we opened up this proverbial Pandora’s box Nicole’s father followed suit to at least talk us through the little challenge we had, during this period none of them knew whether I wanted another child or not.

The first shot was fired when my mother in-law bluntly said “take Angela to be your wife” this is Nicole’s younger sister.

I was shocked at this suggestion because in the wildest of my dreams it was unthinkable let alone doable, full pun intended. In addition, I paid for her fees while she was still in college so this is a girl whom I knew quite well. We popularly referred to her as Angie though she loved omitting “a” in her name.

Nicole was obviously not happy with the direction of suggestion and as part from being reprimanded by her own father for her “action” I took a back seat on the matter. On the second night my parents came who also weighed in on the matter

 Nicole’s departure…

             My son Ricky was used to both the mother and the aunt, Angie.

There was obviously an awkward moment when Angie came in, it was awkward because she was no longer coming in as my sister-in-law but as my wife during this time my parents and my in laws all concurred that dowry was not returnable thus “remedy” was needed sooner than later.

As months grew older the awkwardness of Angie’s presence went away then one day I proposed to her we go for a short holiday in Mombasa which was actually work related but for her case since she was a job seeker she could effortlessly grab the opportunity to enjoy herself in the coastal city.       

We went then later came back. Nicole said she wanted to back to school for her second degree to which I never objected, I supported her 100%. She was nevertheless doing this so as to avoid falling into depression because as much as it was not easy on her part it was tougher on me. This is because I had to stand by the woman whom I wanted to grow old with, certainly I am still with her nonetheless her sister is also my wife which she consented to as well. I had to thus tread carefully, after all they were sisters.

             Angie was pregnant and that is when Nicole started getting panicky, agitated at the slightest conversation as it reminded her of the time she was expectant. She cried night and day.

When she woke up tears had dried on her chubby face and one could notice that indeed she was not ok. Immediately I enlisted the services of a psychologist to help in the resolution of her challenges consequently, the sister was also worried which ultimately meant that she could as well lose our unborn baby.

The doctor advised that Nicole should be away from her sister until the time she gave birth.

 A set of twins again

            Angie was doing very well during her pregnancy as she kept telling our little boy that a brother or a sister were to be “bought”. He was definitely happy because he went ahead to welcome his friends home so that one day they could see his sibling(s).

Angie called me one afternoon; it was horrible one, my hands were literally full at work. She called to inform me that she was from the clinic and that she was expecting twins; this simply uplifted me so much that I requested my boss to leave work. I headed home .

Months after this she delivered a boy and a baby girl weighing 2.2kg and 1.9kg respectively.

             She was very tired after the delivery furthermore it was a normal delivery. I was so happy because I remembered Nicole procured an abortion terminating the lives of our twins, I now have the same twins from the sister. Nicole joined us in hospital, her happiness could not be hidden, rivers of joy flowed freely this time a happy face complemented the tears.

I have never seen these sisters who are my wives this happy!

Being a polygamous man was definitely not my plan and not my choice as well but I am happy father.