“We were like brothers”

By Kenneth Jura | Kenya

When water is disturbed shock waves are sent to the banks of the ocean or river. Those around the river banks scamper for safety as the story of two young men is told of how disturbed the river’s serenity brought them apart.

Animation by Joe Barasa.




58 movement re-launches to Love Light

By Kenneth Jura | Kenya

Remember when you were in form four or grade 12? What plans did you have apart from excelling in your Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education? This is the question posed by Baraka Mwaura corporate relations executive of Love Light during the launch of “The Project City Lights Curriculum” for street families that was recently launched at Pawa254.

Love Light seeks to offer long term solutions to challenges facing street families whose main work is to heal disparity actively, by edifying and providing economic and educational opportunities for the underprivileged around the world.

Project City Lights is Love Light’s fourth project since its inception in 2010. The founder, Brian Murimi, started the organization on the teachings of Isaiah 58 of the Bible.


During the event the MC narrated a story of three street children; John, James and Prezzo, not Prezzo the rapper but another Prezzo who deserves recognition as he raps too. He had gotten 425 marks from his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education which gave him a chance to join Mang’u High School. He had his parents who instead had him given out for adoption to a Briton lady. When prezzo was back from school, Mang’u, he was told of the lady’s intended return to her country, he was saddened by the news but found comfort almost immediately that his needs would be taken care of by another family in the absence of Mrs. Green (not her real name) Things got thick for the caretaker parents that he dropped out of school and the street around Wabera became home. This is where Prezzo resides and retires after a day of madam, nisaidie na shilingi kumi nikunywe chai , madam assist me with 10 shillings so as to buy tea.

This is an example of street brilliance that continues to beg and fend for themselves the best way they knew how.

Mr. Murimi explained twenty point challenges that the curriculum addresses which was collapsed to four; These are

  • Self esteem pillar promotes uplifting of street families’ esteem while emulating God’s word and his never ending love.
  • Counseling pillar this strives to counsel them no matter what they went through and eventually re-uniting them with their families.
  • Health pillar, offer teaching on the prevention of treatable respiratory diseases which they most suffer from due cold nights and days.
  • Business pillar’s main objective is to improve the quality of street families by engaging them in business related ventures, talent search, its nurture and prepare them for job prospects so as to eventually help them come out of the streets and be self reliant.
Brian explains the work pillars of Project City Lights
Brian explaining the pillars of The Project City Lights Curriculum
Prof Kahara stressing on a point as Brian looks on
Prof Kahara stressing a point as Brian looks on

Prof Nathan Kahara, the president of Former Mayors International and a former mayor of Nairobi, was the guest of honor who said that it was indeed the government’s responsibility to take care of street families however it had miserably failed.

“Street families are not a street problem but societal” Mr. Amani Maranga, Director of 360 degrees, a marketing and communications agency, said during a panel discussion.

You can indeed partner with Love Light by committing monthly financial resources towards their projects which will indeed go a long way in making the lives of street families’ hospitable, warm and quite cheerful. Here are the partnering avenues.

Kenyan Transfer
Account number: 01134232041000
Co-operative Bank of Kenya
Branch: City Hall


Select payment services
Select paybill
Business number 400200
Account number: 01134232041000

Kingdom Clothing’s Managing Director Job Mwanga told the audience that 10% of his company’s income is remitted to Love Light.

Among those who attended the launch included Mr. and Mrs. Kanjii Mbugua, Deputy Presidential aspirant 2013 General Elections Ronnie Osumba, Njeri Mwangi, General Manager Pawa254, Linda Ogeda Managing Director LightBox Limited among other dignitaries who feted Brian Murimi as one of the youngest visionary mind that the country had.

Photos courtesy of Pawa254

Njeri Mwangi -GM Pawa254, Amani Maranga -Director 360 degrees Mwas and Job Mwanga - MD kingdom Clothing
Njeri Mwangi -GM Pawa254, Amani Maranga -Director 360 Degrees Bedad Mwangi – CEO Kelele Republic of Africa  and Job Mwanga – MD Kingdom Clothing
Those in attendance during the launch
Those in attendance during the launch



I still remember

By Kenneth Jura | Kenya

“I remember it was the 31st day of December 2007 four days after voting, the air was filled with hatred. As the blanket of darkness covered the face of the earth so did hatred, tribal animosity unveil itself in people around me”.

“I lived in the central Rift with my family, I knew exactly who my neighbours were in fact I had lived there for more than 15 years.

That night dogs barked louder than usual, we got more frightened but never knew the severity of the situation outside our home. From what was being shown on tv the situation was dire as Kenya was literally on fire.

My wife heard wails from afar as if a lady was in agony. I quickly dismissed her knowing too well our neighbours would indeed come to our rescue in case any incident arose. A dead silence followed suit as though all was well, little did we know that it was a precursor to worse things to happen to us. A loud deafening bang hit our main door sending it open into two pieces as a group jeered outside . The group of young men clad in sack clothes and painted their faces white shouting “leo bwana yako tutabeba kichwa yake kwa sahani kama ya John the Baptist” (We will carry your husband’s head on a plate the same way John the Baptist’s head was carried). I peeped at them from our bedroom window, my wife quickly told our children “never say where your father is”. She hid me in the uppermost part of the wardrobe as she ran towards the assailants shouting at that I was not home. One of them received my wife with a thunderous slap sending her to the ground faster than she ran towards them, her wailing was almost muted by the smack. They thoroughly ransacked the house stealing and cutting into pieces all that they could not carry with them, our dining table was reduced to firewood. My children were insulted, slapped and hit, their clothes torn because they were from a different community yet my wife was from their community.

Further search           

I could not breath loudly lest I get caught while in hiding, I had indeed resigned to my fate knowing too well that if my children or my wife hinted at anything then I am dead. Outside our house, men repeatedly raped women to which my wife was to be the next . One of them pulled down his trousers to sexually violate my wife, a police land rover came with officers spraying bullets in the air.

They disappeared in the thicket.

I got out of my hiding place quite shaken not knowing what to do, my children came to me crying one had a bleeding tongue emanating from a slap she got, my wife on the other hand was still at the same position she was in.

I vividly remember what happened as if it was yesterday.