Dear Mr. President,

By Kenneth Jura | Kenya

I am not sure whether you will read my article after all it will appear on a meat wrapper or on a platform that your government acknowledges, a blog, however it will not halt my quest to commend you for the good work you have done since you were elected in 2013. We are almost into the third year of your able leadership. When you recently travelled to The Hague you left us with your ever industrious and multi faceted deputy president who towed the line in making sure the country was efficiently run, he is quite fast as he rode in your official limousine. I commend you bwana deputy president or was it acting president then?

The former Prime Minister is moving around the country discrediting your amazing government yet you have done a lot for my beloved motherland, rebranding of National Youth Service is one example, which is directly under your office led by the ever charming Anne Waiguru your cabinet secretary for devolution and planning. It is indeed great that the NYS has been tasked to clean and open up Kibera slum, Lord knows there is nobody living in those slums who can do it.

Mr. President all those against your leadership do not want to see the change that your leadership brings to our country. The recently launched cashless matatu payment will definitely solve challenges of revenue collection as the country’s greatest tax evaders are of course bus conductors, it is well known. Who needs a better rail network? Who is their mother?

It is very unfortunate that some members of parliament and senators from CORD are vehemently against everything you are initiating. Mega projects such as the standard gauge railway, laptop project for standard one pupils, provision of free maternity services, security surveillance and the list is endless surely are we not gratified with what the president has done? They are naysayers who don’t know how to spend money.

Transform Kenya

The Jubilee manifesto was anchored on the promise of transforming Kenya which is not far from your implementation process, some of the promises include national cohesion which guaranteed affirmative action by ensuring under represented people and marginalized are properly represented, security through modernization of security forces especially through increased motorization which will enhance the ability to tackle crime in a more efficient and focused manner. To this end, you have led the way by purchasing a heavily armoured car that no bullet can penetrate. A safe president after all is the same thing as a safe nation, but naysayers don’t understand this.

Your Excellency, when you were the finance minister a friend of mine sought your audience to explain the “typing error” in your budget and he still waits even when you are the commander in chief. Perhaps he does not understand that you are teaching him the value of patience; I strongly believe he needs to move on.

Last week women of this country held a demonstration demanding respect from men after a lady was stripped at the Embassava stage, what I still do not understand is your ubiquitous silence on the matter yet it touched on social life and personal security which is enshrined in the Constitution. Women are givers of life and so the respect should be held at all times, same to any other person moreover, Her Excellency is fighting to have zero deaths during child birth how would this be achieved yet a woman has been raped, stripped, maimed and does not feel secure in her own country? Why give birth in a country that your child cannot be guaranteed of security? I am sorry your Excellency, I might have seemed a bit critical there. Of course you are not ignoring the women, you are simply waiting for the perfect PR moment to launch a drive for women’s dignity, spearheaded by the illustrious first lady. Ooops, did I say PR above, it was a typing error. Forgive me.

Kapedo, Lamu, Westgate, Garissa, Mandera, Pangani and other places have been hit hard with acts of terrorism and lawlessness and you are quite courageous to go to such places after these incidences with a bullet proof vest. The only language some of this people hear is talking tough just as you did in Kapedo and Westgate from State House, trust me on this. Mr. President it is deeply disconcerting that individuals such as Boniface Mwangi and Betty Waitherero and their ilk continue to be thorns in your lean blameless government, in fact they speak your tongue and the least they could do is support and defend your government instead of running on the streets. Do you think they need some “chicken” to have them speak your tongue? In my mother tongue when your father is mad you don’t run away from him but cover him up, they have done the opposite. They have a sufferer-complex that makes them want to complain and whine all the time. I suggest you do not listen to them ever, after all, who are their mothers? Yours is Mama Ngina, the first first lady. You are the son of Jomo Kenyatta the founding father of our country. Do not be cowed by individuals who do not know how a government runs and forgive your Excellency as they do not know what they are doing more so they should know people.


Television on modern family

By Kenneth Jura | Kenya

A friend recently told me she is expectant, I immediately passed her my congratulatory message. After a moment of silence I asked her whether I could also do the same to the man in the picture, I mean the process is still on-going but at least the raw materials were well chosen, she laughed so hard to tears sliding on her oval face.

Several months ago the church went head on with a television commercial where a woman claimed that her husband always comes home too drunk however Mbugua a grocer makes sure that she never misses some romp meanwhile Mbugua is seen with a young lady having an intimate conversation. The lady in question was talking to her friend who advised her to make sure they use a condom whenever they had a tumble.

Many television commercials have gone an extra mile to indirectly dictate how an ideal family should look like, how many members each unit should have, the social hegemony pushed by these advertisers is quite interesting and one that should be looked at keenly. Billboards for instance tend to communicate a lot and here in the city under the sun or is it the city under burst sewer and blocked drainage? Our governor can help in answering this. Along the only Super Highway just next to Thika Road Baptist there is a billboard with the picture of a husband, wife and two children who are of different gender. The same billboard by National bank can also be seen on Studio House along Argwings Kodhek Road and Jogoo road, some few meters passed Uchumi Jogoo Road.

The National Council for Population and Development’s mandate is to research, analyze, develop policies and provide leadership on matters population, this is a good council to have however I am not sure whether they are the purse carriers who rivet the idea of how many children each family should have and thus work hand in purse with advertisers.

The famous aiii commercial by Britam is classical example of how family units are being overtly told to follow “our example”. While you are still refreshing your mind on the aii commercial the other one is “kimbo” commercial that still pushes the agenda of how many children should be in a family. These commercials are well thought of and researched more over I am not trying to rubbish the communicative weight that they pass across neither am I on a high pedestal to question the concept and its further shooting however, my concern is on an overlooked area of freedom to have as many may be an covert agenda.

The children in these ads must always be two; a boy and a girl, tuzo has managed to slide a convincing envelope of ideas to us with this ideology same to the dettol’s television commercial.

The most recent commercials have only one kid in between the supposed husband and wife; doom, bamburi cement golden fry come to mind. This is arguable from different quarters where some people feel having more children is the ideal family after all God said go ye and fill the earth and thus in its true sense one pushes, no pun intended, the elastic limit to have many even if they cannot keep up with the economy.

Early this year we were treated to a voluptuous lady who went on to “remove tint” as it is called by Kenyans on Twitter #KoT who went hard on her with epithets thrown her direction while at it some of adorable fans stuck with her. Television commercials have also taken this approach with the lady/wife must be chocolate, yellow-yellow or “rangi ya thao”. My view will be well echoed by black beauties that they too are beautiful and not only needed as extras in commercials.
The look good, feel cool is greatly pushed by adverts and many ape with the full knowledge not that it is the right path to indeed follow, on that note why must those girls in the “Always” advert sing?

Blameless Whore

Quite subtle but the message is very pungent

Beautiful Life with Cancer

For the first time, she raised her eyes to look at him.  She only saw his back leaving.  She didn’t even know his name.  But she had seen him before, in the market, with his wife and young children.  Alone, raising herself, and redressing.

No emotion?  I don’t know.  She could not place the feeling.  She had sold her body for years and years now.  She gave it no thought.  Not thinking less of the men that came to her, she advertised and she sought after them.  But each time she thought less of herself.  She thought she had justified the lifestyle.  But the emotionless love she gave away just felt wrong.  She was a nothing, hate was all she had for herself.  Worthless.

Squeezing her cheeks to add color, and straightening her long hair with her fingers, going through the motions, making the merchandise more appealing, her next client…

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