Suguta Mar Mar

Elsie Mtembezi

This is one of the last small towns on the Rumururi- Maralal road. Suguta is small and dusty (there is no tarmac) with the road running through its center. The surrounding land is mostly marshy, but beautiful with lush long green grass and huge acacia trees.

Marsh surrounding the town   Marsh surrounding the town

Since it’s a small town, the only financial facilities are Mpesa and Airtel money although network coverage is scanty in most parts of the town. While there carry insect repallant and drink filtered, boiled or mineral water.

River near the town      The Church

There is only one place to stay there, I forget the name, but any person in Suguta can direct you there. It has hot showers, clean linen and a little surprise- the one day I slept there, I woke up to find a cat sleeping at my feet. He was very content there all curled up and I was more surprised than livid…

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